June ’14 with Virginia

Virginia Bohdi SundayIn the June session of Bohdi Sundays with OMEDA we welcome guest speaker Virginia Rizkallah as she shares her authentic insight into Arabic dance and music, and dancing the meaning and feelings of Arabic songs.

As a special request she will translate the lyrics for the Oum Khathoum song “Lessa Fakir”.  As westerners who love belly dance, many of us know maybe 5 words in Arabic for love or beloved or eyes, slowly, heart, so to have a true understanding of an iconic Arabic song (danced by the also iconic by Sohier Zaki) and an overall appreciation for how important understanding the emotion in the music is, from a native Arabic speaker and dancer is a gift to us all!

To continue on with the session Virginia will then take us even deeper into dancing with the emotion of Arabic music.

From Virginia:
“I suppose for me the most important thing is dancing with my heart to music I feel and moves me.  This transcends nationality, language.  It’s actually the music firstly that hooks me and of course the lyrics complete it.”

Bohdi Sundays at OMEDA is a bi-monthly event that strives to encourage a true community interaction with OMEDA members, inviting guest speakers to share their experiences, wisdom and passion in a time-honored oral tradition. No dancing, no performance, this is heart to heart discussion and your opportunity to learn, ask questions, share and be enriched in an intimate, warm and welcoming space.

Bohdi Sundays are free to OMEDA members but seating is limited to 12 and bookings via email are 100% essential.
To book your seat at the Bohdi Sunday June session please email Bohdi Sunday June to info@omeda.org.au with your name and OMEDA membership number.